Saturday, 19 September 2020

The Purpose of this Site

This site gives us the overview of St Joseph's Key Ideas for each teaching strand.

Each strand has a corresponding page for parents.

We are matching up our key ideas with the AOs of the Bridging Document and we are in our second year of the two year cycle.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Keeping track of planning

  1. Copy main planning doc and rename with your class name
2. Highlight the areas you have/will teach in 2019

3. Store in the planning folder
Assessment results go in assessment folder

Holy Spirit Planning Term 3 2019

The Holy Spirit page has just been updated.
It contains links between our key ideas and the REBD
It has ideas on how to include our key ideas using Gospel, prayer and other opportunities through the few weeks we are teaching. 
Also detailed notes on how to judge the students' responses.
The Holy Spirit is about being inspired and we chose at the beginning of the year to include it at this part of our overall year plan at this stage as we would be hoping to be getting some inspiration now about what to do with our environment.  We can also look at from the angle that we are now doing some more scientific investigations into the environment. We are deepening our understanding and the Holy Spirit can help us to shed light and understanding on deeper matters.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Implementing the Religious Education Bridging Document (REBD)

We are now working on cross referencing our St Joseph's work on the key ideas with the new REBD.

We will be gradually updating each strand as we go.  The first one, the God strand, has been done.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Term 1 2019 - Charism& Prayer -Parts of Mass. Jesus Strand

Week 1/2/3  Charism & Prayer

School Charism - Shared Charism Google Slides

Some UTube clips for research of our Saints/Houses
St Dominic De Guzman Feast Day August 8th
Patron Saint of Astonomers, The Dominican Republic, & the Innocent who are falsely accused of Crimes St Catherine of Siena Feast Day April 29th Patron Saint of Europe St Rose of Lima Feast Day August 23rd
Patron Saint of the Phillippines & Latin America

Prayer Module-Unpacking the Mass
Entrance-Welcoming-Penitential Rite-Recessional-

going out to proclaim
Please use the Big Books about Celebrating the Eucharist - there is a Copy in Google Docs - also the shared PDF downloadable files about the Parts of the Mass.  This is the Prayer Module for Term 1.

Here is the link Jennifer sent us:

Catholic Mass explained

Week 3  Jesus Strand

On this Blog under the tab Hehu Karaiti - Jesus Strand,  is  the Theological focus - Our Key ideas - Assessment and the SOLO rubric for assessment.  
Please refresh your understanding of this strand by rereading.   
God so loved us he became Incarnate for the very reason of Love - Love for me and Love for you. God through his Son Jesus understands Humanity in all its awesomeness and frailties  and through Jesus we are invited into real close and loving relationship.  So don't hesitate in your teaching about Jesus - lets get the Relationships growing!!

Also on the Blog is the Jesus tab for parents.  Lets think about how we will share our learning in this strand with our parents at the beginning of our teaching.
But wait there is more......  So much more this term!

World Day of Prayer
This prayer day is on Friday 1st March at the Orwell Street Chapel in Oamaru.  There will be shared finger food from 6.15 pm in the hall and the Ecumenical Service will commence at 7.00 pm in the chapel.  Everyone is welcome to attend. - Focus on Slovenia

Commissioning Mass Tuesday 5th March 5pm

Lent  - Ash Wednesday 6th March

Reconciliation - in the Parish 23rd/24th March

Easter   - Good Friday 19th April - Holy Saturday  20th April  Easter Sunday 21st April  Easter Monday 22nd 

ANZAC Day Thursday 25th April

Caritas - We are teaching this in our Inquiry

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Sacrament Strand T4 2018

 Sacrament Strand       Hakarameta
E Te Atua tapu rawa, e kitea ana te tapu, i ahu mai i a koe, i roto i te tangata, i runga hoki i te whenua. Poua te mau-mahara me te whakaaronui ki roto i ahau: – ina matakitaki i te ao miharo nei, me hoki nga whakaaro ki a koe, – ina titiro atu ki nga tamariki nei, me hoki nga whakaaro ki a koe, i roto i nga arohatanga ki te whanau me hoki nga whakaaro ki a koe, engari, moku nei, paiherea atu ki a koe, e te Atua tapu rawa, kia tapu hoki ahau.

O God most holy One, Your holiness can be seen in every person and every place. Remind me of it – so that I am reminded of you – In the beauty of the world about me – In the faces of the children in my class – In the love I share with my family and friends and most of all, deep within my own being, so that I may be connected to you, my most holy God.

Key Ideas

1. There are 7 sacraments - Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick
2. Each sacrament has its own symbols and rituals
3. Sacraments are a sign of God’s grace in the world and in us.
4. Sacraments relate to your life journey (te wa)

Things to Consider for Planning and Discussion
Achievement Aims
Achievement Objectives
Vocabulary – Wall Dictionary
Attitudes – Prayers
 Home - School
Link to Dominican Charisms