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Outcomes of Church Strand Taonga

Outcomes of Church Strand Taonga

We decided on four key concepts we would like our children to develop and deepen as they move
through our school:

1. The Church is the people united with God

We want the children to know they ARE the church.  
Becoming part of the church - ceremonies, initiations, Baptism.
That we are Disciples- following the way of Jesus
Belonging and participating
The Church shows us how we need to act in our lives - we are the Church
Church as the bride of Christ
We are a community of disciples , our parish is a sign of God in the world - Jesus founded the Church and it is a sign which brings about God’s presence and love in the world.

2. We all have a role in the Church
To take some responsibility like presenting the gospel or saying prayers or reading or children’s ministries such as altar serving etc...
What are we called to do because we are part of the church (vocations)
Roles in the church

3. Formal roles within the Church
The work of the priest in the church.
Teaching role of bishops
The role of the pope

4. The Mission of the Church

To understand that the church is the continuation of Jesus' mission to live God's Kingdom on Earth.

These four concepts will be the context of the Church strand teaching throughout the school.  We continue to teach the learning outcomes for the Religious Education curriculum at each year level in the context of these four concepts.

We agreed:

For year 1-3 the class teacher will decide the content of the assessment.  This will be entered on the assessment gathering file and the children will be marked 1= exposed, 2=achieving, 3=mastered.

For years 4-8 we will take the same test but leave it open for the children's answers.  We would expect achievement to be shown mainly in the context of their year strand.  For children to show mastery it should be clear that their understanding of their year level work is linked to some of the main concepts we want them to understand (above).

The test for the strand can be seen at this link (public):

Staff: Please enter assessment information at (private):
by Thursday 21 August.

Have a go at using something like the analysis SOLO map we shared at our taonga.

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