Sunday, 11 October 2015

Communion of Saints Strand


In term 4 from weeks 2 to 6 we will be teaching the Communion of Saints strand. As this is one of the last strands of this year when we come together to celebrate our learning (during Whanau group time) we want to have a dress up as your saint day. This will be near to the feast days for All Saints and All Souls and children can share why they are inspired by their saint and what they have learnt about and from them.

I have also created a Pinterest Communion of Saints folder to share between staff to access resources and ideas.
Communion of Saints- Pinterest board

We have started to track children who may require extra teaching in this unit based on assessment information from 2014's teaching of Communion of Saints.
Teachers can access this private link below:
Targeted Children

Each Strand we meet as a staff to prepare for teaching the Communion of Saints strand we look at church theology and the requirements of the curriculum and in 2014 we agreed on three key concepts of church teaching we want children to develop as they move through the school:

1. Mary is our first and most important saint because of her special relationship with Jesus.
2. The Communion of Saints means all the members of the Church - living now, in purgatory and in heaven.
3. The choices we make on earth affect what happens when we die, we will be judged on our choices.

-Teachers also receive Posters displaying this main concepts with possible answers the children could say and illustrations that link to the messages. These are displayed in each Hub (classroom) area. 

Break Down of Main Concepts Taught at each year level
SOLO rubric for Communion of Saints

Test - Teacher's Marking Guide 

Communion of Saints Test (year 3+)

Data entry for Communion of Saints

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