Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sacrament Strand meeting

To begin the meeting Co-DRS Ann Dooley will share meditation with us as experienced on our Monica Brown DRS retreat.

Teachers check targeted children from 2014/ 2015 Sacrament Strand Ko e afo ‘o e Sakalameta
Teachers enter assessment data here
Assessment task year 3-8
Reflect on the teaching of the previous strand:
What went well in the teaching and learning of the strand?
What issues arose – what concepts were difficult?
What did the summative assessments show?
How did children respond to questions relating to the affective domain?
Were the attitudes displayed and built on throughout the strand?

Were the learning intentions conveyed and displayed at each lesson?

Main concepts decided as a staff- What we would like our children to gain through the Sacrament Strand teaching.
1. Grace is God's love and strength working with us and the world. Ko e Kalāsia ko e ‘ofa ia ‘a e ‘Otua mo ‘ene ivi ngaue ‘ia kitautolu pea mo mamani.
2. Sacraments bring grace. Ko e ngaahi Sakalameta ‘oku ne foaki ai ‘ene kalāsia
3. Know the seven sacraments.Ke ‘ilo’i e ngaahi Sakalameta ‘e fitu.
4. Know the signs and symbols of the sacraments Ke ‘ilo’i e ngaahi faka’ilonga mo e fakatatā ‘o e ngaahi Sakalameta.
Tagalog Translation (Filipino): Ang Hibla ng Sakramento
1.   Ang grasya ay pagmamahal at lakas ng Diyos sa atin.
2.   Ang mga sakramento ay nagdadala ng grasya.
3.   Alamin ang  pitong  sakramento.

4.   Alamin ang senyas at simbolo ng mga sakramento.
 These four concepts will be the context of the Sacrament strand teaching throughout the whole school. We do continue to teach the learning outcomes for the Religious Education curriculum at each year level in context of these four concepts. 

  • Invite each teacher to bring their Sacrament book to the staff meeting and be prepared to share 4 key ideas related to the focus for the class level/s they are teaching.
  • Make a copy for each staff member of:
Staff Prayer – Sacraments: Special Meeting Times with God in Jesus
Worksheet 1 -Exploring the theology of the Sacrament strand
Sacraments – Background Information / Understanding Christian Initiation Open here and click on your applicable year group sacramental focus
Worksheets 2a, 2b, 2c - What are the symbols, ritual actions and meanings for the Sacraments of Initiation? (on A3)
  • Create a prayer focus as a centre-piece for a discussion on Sacraments including Sacramental symbols eg bread, wine, oil, water, white garment, candle …
  • Sacrament pictures from Picture Resource (AD to share as some are displayed in the school foyar)

Opening Prayer Open here

Work in twos or threes to complete Worksheet 1.  Refer to the Theological Focus on pages 4-5 and the glossary of your strand book, and the handout sheets  Background Information / Understanding Christian Initiation

Share responses with each other – leader can refer to answer sheets and add / clarify

Put Sacrament pictures in order

Complete Worksheet 2 for the strand you will be teaching, referring to strand books. (Year 1 does not teach a sacrament)

Display sheets and add anything further if needed.

Each year level share 4 key ideas relating to the level they are teaching.

Close the meeting with the Closing Prayer-We will take this in year groups to lead

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