Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sacrament Strand Taonga

Preparation for our "flipped" Sacrament Strand Taonga

Assessment information for the God strand is available at:
Assessment information for the Church strand is available at:
An overview of the assessment for 2014 is at:
Please have a look at these links in order to make comments at our meeting.

Be prepared to explain something about Sacrament at your level - if you have a specific sacrament be prepared to share its signs and symbols.  Also be prepared to share something you have done or could do as a learning activity at this level - something which will also enliven the spirituality of your students.
Mrs Brookes & Miss Jackson - holy things
Mrs Burke - Baptism
Miss Huls - Reconciliation
Mrs Dooley - Eucharist
Mr Cartlidge - Sacrament of Anointing
Miss Tangney - Confirmation
Mrs Frances-Rees - Holy Orders
Mr Moore - Marriage

Read the theology for Sacrament at the beginning of your strand book.  Be prepared to discuss this at the meeting.

Read through the key concepts at each level

If you have any resources or links that you use for Sacrament please share them in the resources folder.

At the meeting we will make a "graduate profile" for the Sacrament strand and write an assessment.