Holy Spirit Strand-Te Wairua Tapu

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

These are derived from investigation of the theological focus, the strand progressions over 8 years and what we believe are the key ideas our year 8 leavers will need to know and understand by the time they leave St Joseph's. Our selection of the key ideas is guided by our understanding of the Nicene Creed, the founding belief statement of the Catholic faith dating back to the Council of Nicea in AD325; Biblical teaching; Church tradition; and the Catechism of the Catholic church which the original RE curriculum documents are based on.

Key Ideas

1.    The Holy Spirit acts in people and in the Church
2.    The Holy Spirit appears in Bible stories
3.    The Holy Spirit is the third person the Trinity
4.    We have images of the Holy Spirit but these are not the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit – KEY CONCEPTS – from the Strand documents

Year 1 – God the Holy Spirit
1.     The Holy Spirit is God
2.     The Holy Spirit can be seen in people’s words and actions.
3.     Wind and water remind us of the Holy Spirit
4.     The Holy Spirit, God the Father and Jesus are all One God
5.     The Holy Spirit works in people’s lives.
Year 5 – Titles and Symbols of the Holy Spirit
1.     Two titles of the Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel.
2.     The Symbols of the Holy Spirit – fire, wind and water.
3.     The Holy Spirit is symbolised as anointing with oil, a dove, the finger of God and a cloud
4.     The Holy Spirit is the bearer of Holiness and grace.
5.     The  Holy Spirit shares the tapu and mana of God with people.
Baptism, grace, sin
Year 2 – The Holy Spirit in people’s lives
1.     Believing in God affects how you live
2.     Ways people show they believe in God
3.     Children can respond to the Holy spirit in different ways.
4.     Praying is responding to the Holy Spirit
5.     The Holy Spirit brings the presence of Jesus into the Eucharist.
Year 6 – Baptism and the Holy Spirit
1.     In baptism people receive the Holy Spirit
2.     What is original sin? Personal sin? Grace?
3.     In baptism Christ frees people from personal sin and from original sin so harmony and peace can be restored and sin can be forgiven.
4.     What does it mean to be made a child of God through baptism.
5.     The in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit helps people believe in Jesus and grow more like him.
Fruits of the Spirit and Scripture
Year 3 – The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
1.     The Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity of God.
2.     The loving actions of people are the Fruits of the Spirit.
3.     The Fruits of the Spirit in people’s lives
4.     The Fruits of the Spirit show God’s love.
5.     Sin is against the life of the Holy Spirit.
Year 7 – The Holy Spirit in Scripture
1.     The Spirit of God in the Old Testament.
2.     The Spirit of God guided and inspired people in the Old Testament.
3.     Jesus’ life was filled with the Holy Spirit,
4.     The effects of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the apostles and the early Christians.
The Holy Spirit and the Church
Year 4 – Pentecost
1.     Pentecost is an important event recorded in Scripture
2.     The Holy Spirit makes the Trinity known.
3.     Jesus made a promise to his disciples.
4.     Jesus keeps his promise today by being present in the Church.
5.     The Holy Spirit helps people to live like Jesus and know God.
Year 8 – The mission of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the World
1.     The Holy Spirit opens people’s minds to the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection
2.     The Holy Spirit enables people to experience Jesus in the Sacraments.
3.     The Holy Spirit prepares peoples, cultures and religions for the Gospel.
4.     The Holy Spirit guides, sustains and renews the Church.
5.     The Holy Spirit works in the world through people leading them to live with justice, peace and love.

Our Test for the Holy Spirit
Use written test for years 4+ but accept verbal answers
OTJ for years 1-3 based on class activities and discussions

Holy Spirit Test
Marking Guide Unistructural = 1 point, multistrutural = 2 points, relational = 3 points, extended abstract = 4 points

1. The Holy Spirit in action.
What do you know about how the Holy Spirit acts in people or in the Church?  
Show/explain how it relates to your life.  Draw or write.

2. Can you tell a Bible story about the Holy Spirit?
What does this story tell us for our own lives?  - write/draw

3. What is the Trinity?  
Explain what you understand about the Trinity

4. What are some images of the Holy Spirit?  

What do they mean to you? What do you think of the images?

SOLO for Holy Spirit

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