Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Outcomes of the Communion of Saints Taonga

The Communion of Saints
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In our recent staff meeting (taonga) to prepare for teaching the Communion of Saints strand we looked at church theology and the requirements of the curriculum and agreed on three key concepts of church teaching we want children to develop as they move through the school:
1. Mary is our first and most important saint because of her special relationship with Jesus.
2. The Communion of Saints means all the members of the Church - living now, in purgatory and in heaven.
3. The choices we make on earth affect what happens when we die, we will be judged on our choices.

SOLO rubric for Communion of Saints

Communion of Saints Test

Data entry for Communion of Saints

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Preparation for Communion of Saints Strand Taonga

Preparation for our "flipped" Communion of Saints Strand Taonga

From: Catholicworldofart.com

Assessment information for the Sacrament strand is available at:
An overview of the assessment for 2014 is at:
Your own class data is at:

Please have a look at these links in order to make comments at our meeting.

Read the theology for the Communion of Saints at the beginning of your strand book.  Be prepared to discuss this at the meeting.

Be prepared to give a quick overview of the Communion of Saints strand at your level.  Also be prepared to share something you have done or could do as a learning activity at this level or another level you have taught at - something which will also enliven the spirituality of your students.

Read through the key concepts at each level

If you have any resources or links that you use for the Communion of Saints please share them in the resources folder drop us all an email link when you do please.

At the meeting we will make a "graduate profile" for the Communion of Saints strand and write an assessment.