Monday, 20 July 2015

Sacrament Strand Meeting Term 3

An overview of the assessment for 2014 is at:
Please have a look at these links in order to support your learners in 2015. Pay particular attention to the targeted learners in your hub group
 It would be a good idea to also review some of the key concepts taught from the previous year level with your class. 

Mrs Brookes & Miss Gray- holy things
Mrs Burke - Baptism
Miss Day - Reconciliation
Mrs Dooley - Eucharist
Mr Cartlidge - Sacrament of Anointing
Miss Huls - Confirmation
Miss Tangney - Holy Orders
Mr Moore - Marriage

Read the theology for Sacrament at the beginning of your strand book. Before teaching the strand 
Read through the key concepts at each level

If you have any resources or links that you use for Sacrament please share them in the resources folder.

Here is the agenda for Week 1's meeting: Prayer Sacrament meeting
The test for year 4+ is here:
The spreadsheet to enter assessment results is here:

For years 1-3 use please use your own questions based on what you've done and enter on the spreadsheet.

We agreed we would test on the last Thursday (20th of August) of the Strand timetabled after our whanau groups.  Please enter assessment information as soon as possible.

Church Assessment 2015

In 2014 we decided on four key concepts that we would like our children to gain through our
Church strand teaching.
They were:
- The Church is the people united with God
-We all have a role in the Church
-Formal roles within the Church
-The Mission of the Church

These four concepts will be the context of the Church strand teaching throughout the school.  We continue to teach the learning outcomes for the Religious Education curriculum at each year level in the context of these four concepts.

We agreed:

For year 1-3 the class teacher will decide the content of the assessment.  This will be entered on the assessment gathering file and the children will be marked 1= exposed, 2=achieving, 3=mastered. 

For years 4-8 we will take the same test but leave it open for the children's answers.  We would expect achievement to be shown mainly in the context of their year strand.  For children to show mastery it should be clear that their understanding of their year level work is linked to some of the main concepts we want them to understand (above).

These are our Second comparative results for the Church strand.  As we are tracking over three years we are tracking the year 1-6 cohorts of 2014:

Our results at this stage show that some groups have already exceeded their two year projection, over one year, Particularly at the Senior end of the School where they cover more concepts than the Juniors.  
We decided at our Strand Staff meeting for Church strand that we needed to moderate our marking and that making OTJ's in our Hubs will work and also supporting Beginning Teachers new to the programme. We also try to do our assessment straight after our school wide celebration of learning in Whanau groupings.

Specific assessment information is available at:

Church  2015 assessment: click the link below:
and the year level breakdown of comparisons from 2014 is at: Comparison 2014-2015