Sunday, 13 December 2015

Communion of Saints Strand Assessment

We have just completed our final assessments for 2015 and celebrated the end of our saints teaching by having a dress up day. Children dressed as their saint name or a saint that inspired them. 
In our teaching of this strand we looked at three key concepts of church teaching we want children to develop as they move through the school:

1. Mary is our first and most important saint because of her special relationship with Jesus.2. The Communion of Saints means all the members of the Church - living now, in purgatory and in heaven.3. The choices we make on earth affect what happens when we die, we will be judged on our choices.

Comparison between 2014 to 2015 . This shows that we have exceeded our projections and 2014. It also shows we have more consistent results across the school year 1-6. This could be due to staff moderation in teams (hubs) this year. Children are also getting used to celebrating their learning by sharing in Whanau groups. 
Here is a graph showing all of the strands taught across all year levels this year.