Assessment in RE

In 2014 St Joseph's staff unpacked the theology behind each strand and came up with the key ideas.  We had a large turnover of children and many older children with no prior knowledge of Christianity.  We believed that if we made the main focus on key ideas which were consistent and repeated through the school ALONGSIDE the content of the strand teaching at each year level, the children's understanding would grow.

We tracked results for three years and found that to be the case.

In 2018 we are in a more stable situation and do not have the same numbers of children with no prior knowledge.  The change in 2018 is to track each cohorts progress over their time at St Joseph's and ensure really good coverage of the key ideas through the strand teaching so that by year 7 & 8 the students can fully explain the key ideas, what they mean to their own life, and what they mean to the world.

We can now pick one main key idea to assess each year, making sure that we cover the others in our teaching and we relate the strand to the overall key ideas so that the children can see where it all fits.

Assessment is still recorded using SOLO and there are guidelines on each strand page as to what relational and extended abstract thinking could look like for the strand.

Assessment is recorded after each strand on the class document in the Assessment RE Folder.

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