Friday, 28 July 2017

God Strand Staff Meeting Term 3 2017

Prayer from God strand book
God our Father and Creator
You have made yourself known, for this we give you thanks.
Little by little we have come to know you, for this we give you thanks.
Through people and all creation you have made yourself known,
For this we give you thanks.
Through spectacular events and quiet moments
You have revealed yourself, for this we give you thanks.
But through Jesus all that was known took human form.
Through him we can see you.
Through him we can come to know you better.
Through him we give you praise and thanks forever.

Discussion and moderation of shared extended abstract/relational thinking from Holy Spirit Strand.

How are we sharing information about our learning with parents?

Our questions about God - use to form a SOLO continuum.

Look at theology behind God strand in strand books / on God page - reminder of where this theology comes from.

Look at the "God for parents" key ideas and discuss each one.

Setting up for learning - "God" page.