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Jesus for Parents

The key ideas about Jesus that we would like the children to understand area:
1. Jesus was a human being
2. Jesus is God
3. Jesus came to show us how to life and to save us.

You can use Bible stories to help increase your child's awareness and understanding of these ideas.  There are some lovely children's picture Bibles you can read with your child or you can watch some of the videos below.  These stories underpins the children's growing understanding of the mission and teaching of Jesus and what this can mean in their own lives and how it transforms the world.

Some of the stories we have focused on are:

- the crippled man - Jesus forgave sins and healed the man.
- Jesus in the temple at 12 years old
- The 10 lepers
- Healing the blind man
- gathering the children to himself
- The Transfiguration

Videos for these stories are below:

Jesus heals the crippled man
In this, Jesus healed sins first before he healed the body.  

Jesus obeys his parents and goes home, aged 12

The Ten Lepers - only one returned to thank Jesus

Healing the Blind Man

Jesus and the Children

The Transfiguration

Our key ideas that we want all of the children to understand according to their developmental level are:

1. Jesus was a human being (as well as being God) who lived in a particular place and time in history with customs and a life story.

2. Jesus came to save us and teach us how to live.  We will learn this mainly through Bible stories that we can use as examples of His saving, loving and teaching.

3. Jesus is God (as well as being a human being).
We now this through the testimony of the Bible, the witness of the disciples, through the Resurrection, Ascension and the story of the Transfiguration.

How you can help at home

The best way is to read Bible stories about Jesus with your children and talk about how they fit in with our key ideas above.

Videos are another good way of accessing some of these stories (see above)

The Life and Times of Jesus

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The temple in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus, licensed for reuse

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