Saturday, 26 May 2018

Te Wairua Tapu / Holy Spirit Strand

Staff Meeting 28 May 2018


   Jesus Strand reflection and assessment

Let's explore the Theology, our Key Ideas, Our SOLO assessment rubric, For Parents page, together for the Holy Spirit Strand.

Key Ideas

1.    The Holy Spirit acts in people and in the Church
2.    The Holy Spirit appears in Bible stories
3.    The Holy Spirit is the third person the Trinity

4.    We have images of the Holy Spirit but these are not the Holy Spirit

       What gifts has the Spirit given to staff members for the common good of the school?  
    What gifts of the Spirit do we see visible in the Charism's of our Dominican heritage? How can we encourage and promote them?
       Pursuit of Truth - Preaching the Good News - Social Justice - Manaakitanga - Holistic Education - Equity - Prayer - Study - Community Life - Ministry & Service
     The Spirit of Christ already lives within us (and in our school).   What do we do to nurture the life of the Spirit in our students and help them grow in awareness of Te Wairua Tapu at work in them.