Friday, 23 May 2014

Outcomes of Holy Spirit Staff Meeting

Outcomes of Holy Spirit Staff Meeting

After analysing:

  • our achievement information from the Jesus strand,
  • the theology behind the Holy Spirit teaching,
  • an overall SOLO progression for the Holy Spirit,
  • some examples of activities we found inspired children in our past teaching,
  • our key concepts at each year level for the Holy Spirit,

we decided on four key concepts we would like our children to develop and deepen as they move through our school:

1. How the Holy Spirit is active in people.
2. How the Holy Spirit is represented in the Bible.
3. God is a Trinity - God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and this is a faith mystery.
4. Images of the Holy Spirit.

These four concepts will be the context of the Holy Spirit teaching throughout the school.  Bearing in mind that we need to expose, strengthen and reinforce these concepts as the children grow.  We will continue to teach the learning outcomes for the Religious Education curriculum at each year level in the context of these four concepts.

The test for the strand with teacher's notes can be seen at this link (public):

Staff: Please enter assessment information at (private):
by Thursday 6 June.

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